Bustaname – online system to quickly create unique domain names



Created by Ryan Stout

bustaname - online domain name finderA web based wizard system that uses a very easy to use online interface to find domain names, it’s also very fast and effective by combining words in different ways. It’s basic features are:

  • Find domain names
  • Word Combiner in multiple sequences
  • Relating words – key words – description
  • Creates list of words (also using it’s built in thesaurus)
  • Combinations and other techniques to quickly find unique names
  • Shows whats available – VERY QUICKLY
  • Similar words can be easily added

You can also:

  • Add prefixes
  • Add suffixes
  • Can sort easily using various criteria
  • A nice feature is “Quality” sorting (best domains first)
  • Add the word “ly” or “ster” or “i”, etc. in front of the domain
  • You can Pluralise words
  • Type a domain name in directly and show if available
  • Whois will check availability

Results can be saved for later use,  you can then choose which registrar to use to register your domain names. The selection of ISP’s is comprehensive and actually shows you the cost of the registration, which is really helpful.

I especially liked the addition of being able to create groups, and then drag words into the groups to differentiate good or bad domain names from the results. This really helped to weed out the final list of domain names to register. If you add the ability to go directly to a decent selection of ISP’s and directly register from the site, it makes this a wonderful and easy to use system.

In summary, a very effective online tool to find a unique domain name given a list of key words. I give this a 5 star rating and have used it many times to find really good domain names. Domain name creation can be a real chore, with this tool it almost becomes both an enjoyable experience and and easy one!