Find out who is linking to your website


Ever wonder who’s linked to your Web site? Just go to altavista webmaster. As you can see, this page uses the powerful engine technology of AltaVista to perform some helpful searches. The first search simply displays all the links that AltaVista has to the pages in your Web site. The second option allows you to locate pages that link to your site.

The only drawback is that these searches only reveal referring pages registered to the AltaVista search engine. This isn’t really that bad, considering that AltaVista is one of the most encompassing search engines available today.

You could also use Google to find who links to you but I find the results are not so good.


<a href="[domainname]" target="_blank">[domainname]</a>

replacing [domainname]with your own domain.

My experience is that the results are not that good. The Google webmasters tools are probably a better bet for analysis. Once signed in with a valid Google account you can submit sitemaps and trace the hits to your pages (from the external links). The sitemaps can be created online very easily using tools such as (free online system) or freesitemapgenerator . Both will trawl through your web site and create an xml file that you can upload to Google.