How to predict the TRAFFIC/HITS you will get to your website


Hopefully everyone knows that ranking in #1 on Google gets a LOT OF TRAFFIC and CLICKS. This guy has written a great article that shows you how we get this data and then use it.

Basically #1 gets LOTS of traffic. If you look at the Google Keyword tool stats for a KEY PHRASE, you can then work out how many clicks you will get when you hit position #1 to #5 with a good degree of predictability.

Look at the VALUE (£’s) of those clicks and then discuss with your SEO company how you can get there and get conversions. The cost of SEO is worth the expense if you do your research right! Here’s the summary:

  • Find out the Search volume of a keyword via Adwords tool
  • Multiply this by 0.65 (65%) for Organic CTR
  • Multiply this by 0.485 (4.85%) for being ranked position 2-10

This will give you a prediction of how many visitors you can receive from ranking the first page under a given keyword.