Google reader shortcuts


Really just for my own use! Google RSS reader shortcuts – just because I use it and can never remember them! One interesting way of organising the feeds is to add ‘tags’ to the entries. This way you can quickly find them again just using your tags – a bit like delicious and other social […]

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Update (26/10/2008): You can now compress some of the portableApps to squeeze even more applications onto your memory stick with the PortableApps.Com AppCompactor. This is also packaged as a portable app (but note this is intended for developers or advanced users). Now you can take FREE applications with you as you travel between work and […]

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MediaCoder – batch transcoding free


MediaCoder is a batch transcoder, which means it enables you to convert multiple files simultaneously. It supports all the major formats, and you can use it either to convert files from one format to another, or to resample files – for example, by reducing a video clips quality to make it phone-friendly. It is distributed […]

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