Professional Web Design in Devon

Website Re-design?

Perhaps you already have a website and are thinking of rebranding or updating your website?

We can create a new web design that reflects your branding, social networking, mobile applications and other standards within your business. By creating a branded look and feel you will have a consistent look across different web and social media activities. As much of the content already exists; the costs are also reduced.

There are several ways we can provide re-designs:

  • Take your existing CMS and create a copy
  • Take a snapshot of your existing CMS website and host on another server
  • Take your content and create a new, fresh website with or without a content management system
  • Take your existing website and optimise the content for the search engines (SEO) so that you rank higher 
  • Take a snapshot of your existing website and re-design using a more up to date Content Management System

We provide professional Web Design!

Web Design needs project management techniques. Each of our web projects is broken into stages. Firstly we discuss your objectives. This will help us create a full and detailed quote for each area of your website.

If required we will create prototypes and wireframes for your requirements

This stage shows you the overall picture of your website or mobile application. The prototypes are a good discussion point and help us to make sure you have the best solutions for your business.

We then look at your competition and create a full (free) competitive analysis to see 'what' needs to be 'done' to get you to the top of the search engines

This stage is very important to create a baseline for our metrics. We create some key metrics to be monitored. The baseline gives you a useful benchmark to prove that your ROI (return on investment) is working. Results will usually start to show within three to six months.

All your content will be processed initially by our expert technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) team. We create the key analytics required to monitor your website and web activities. These will include Google Analytics and other monitoring tools.

Monitoring your website performance and analytics is a key element to managing an effective website.

We will help you create campaigns to coincide with your company launches or press release schedules. We put all these activities into a full web marketing calendar so that time and resources can be allocated by your staff and our staff. By creating a coordinated approach with your other marketing activities you will see direct results, and now by adding social networking to this mix you will be able to monitor and see direct results from your new web activities.

We like to pride ourselves that when we create a solution for our customers we create a relationship so that we can help you both now and in the future when you need to move into other areas that involve web technology.

Your business needs a professional website design that gives your customers the information they need quickly and effectively. Your website must rank well with the search engines.

The web design elements that make this work:

  • Design - your website has to look good and has to be designed to be ranked well with the search engines
  • Responsive Design - your website must be viewable on all current devices; mobile phones, tablet computers and large screens
  • Practical - your website has to be easy to navigate and your customers need to get information quickly and effectively
  • Interactive - your website has to have social networking features and allow your customers to provide feedback
  • Informative - your website has to provide useful information that's easy to find

Navigation plays an important part of all website design. We ensure that all menus and other navigational elements to your website are straightforward so that your information is easy to find. You really get a few seconds to persuade prospective customers to stay on your website and navigate to find more information. If this is difficult your customers will move onto another website.

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About Micro Update

We provide web solutions in Devon that include:

We give you a fixed price solution and guarantee our work 100% to the highest quality. With over 35 years experience in the business we offer expertise, experience at an affordable price. Why not come along for a chat about how we can work with your business,

Why use us?

  • Established in 1987
  • We offer 1 hours free website updates per month
  • AFFORDABLE Web sites in Devon
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