Content Management Systems

content management systems collageA Content Management System is a system to allow your business to manage your own website without the help of the company who created the website. This sounds like an ideal as your costs are minimised once your website has been completed by the designer and live on the Internet. The reality is that you will probably still want to use our web expertise to move your business forward, but at least your day to day content will be managed by your company.

Benefits of using Content Management Systems for Website Content

  • By using a robust system you are not paying for a business to 're-invent' the wheel and create one for you
  • Development of the CMS continues without you having to pay expensive upgrade or custom costs
  • It gives your business an excellent foundation to build on over the months and years ahead
  • The best CMS systems are supported by 1000's of companies - minimising the risk of putting all your 'eggs in one basket' with one development company
  • There are 1000's of addon modules that will enhance your website at little or no cost
  • YOU ONLY PAY US FOR OUR TIME AND NOT PRODUCTS - We use industry leading CMS systems that give you the best opensource products at no cost to your company - you only pay for our time to create the final solutions for you
  • The CMS systems are well documented and allow us to create solutions for you by writing custom modules and features without having to write a complete system
  • Hacker attacks are not an issues as there are literally 1000's of users testing the systems every day to fix any vulnerabilities
  • You have the security to know that you can take your website to any other web development company and they will probably support the system
  • Your content (articles, posts, images, pdf files, etc.) can be managed by your business - including a full authority based editorial system, so many people can create content and perhaps have one person within your business that approves the publishing of the content.
  • All content access is controlled based on user 'roles' - defining who can see what information
  • Reports and statistics are far easier to manage and generate

Because of the modular method in which CMS systems are created, the industry has created many modules - some of which will suit your business and most are FREE. Micro Update specialises in using CMS systems and bespoke systems depending on the customers requirements. In order to keep your costs to a minimum we would always recommend the best solution for your individual business requirements.

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