Ecommerce Solutions

All Micro Update CMS (content managment systems) can be upgraded to use take full advantage of allowing your customers to order online using eCommerce systems. As there are many different requirements for eCommerce - each company is different - we take your individual requirements and map those into an effective online buying experience for your customers.

There are many areas to consider when using an online eCommerce system. Here are some of the key questions we would need to discuss with you in order to provide a robust online ordering system for your clients.

Ordering and Processing systems

How would you like to process payments? There are several payment methods, some of which are more useful than others. Many customers for example are now happy to pay via PayPal rather than give over their credit card details to your system. Indeed, many people will insist on being able to use PayPal to process their orders. The advantages are that they only have to give their credit card details to one company (e.g. PayPal) and quite often the accounts department of your customers have setup a PayPal account to consolidate online purchases and so it makes it easier for the accounts function. However there are several other payment systems now in effect, for example: Google Checkout, WorldPay, SagePay, NoChex, BarclayCard and several others.

Integrating ordering systems to your Office systems

How would you like to integrate online orders into your office systems in order to process orders quickly and effectively? Many business focus on their internal order processing systems without having full integration to their online order processingn systems. This leads to lengthy delays in some instances and in worst case scenearios relies too heavily on email systems in order to get notifications of new and changed orders. Often this is too late and the customer service suffers as a consequence. At Micro Update we integrate online ordering systems with your backend office based ordering systems if at all possible, in order to provide a seamless order experience for your customers.

Muti Channel eCommerce

There are many opportunities online to sell products and services. Some of your orders will come via your website, but you may want to consider using other online platforms in order to maximise your selling opportunities. For example you may combine EBay with Amazon and your website to provde three popular methods of ordering products online for your customers. The way in which these systems integrate and the processing of orders from the different systems then becomes critical if the customer is to have a good ordering experience - this is where Micro Update can help as we have expert experience with these ordering systems.

Product Integration with Online and Office systems

Maintenance and Creation of your products and services online. In the initial setup of your eCommerce system you will need to have all your products and services imported into your online database systems. Micro Update are very experience at data integration between disperate database systems and ordering / stock control systems. You may want to automatically take all your stock products and import them once per day into your online ordering system without anyone having to re-key or update stock information - we can help you with this. Whether you have SQL Server, AS/400, MySql, Oracle, or other database systems - we can integrate your products into your online ordering systems.

There are many other factors when considering moving your business to an online ordering system via your website. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.