SMS Marketing

SMS (text messaging) marketing is an opportunity missed within online marketing. Mobile phones are so prevalent in todays society, far more in fact that computers. Many new services have sprung up over the last few years, for example "Groupon" - the online coupon system, so now is the time to use these systems and offer your customers great opportunities and to sell more products and services.

Many businesses use SMS services to help to increase sales when conventional selling techniques are not performing adequately. Special offers and location based services can be ideal applications by using SMS systems and location based services combined. A leading supermarket chain have a system that can sense where you are and automatically SMS your mobile phone the latest offers and locations of stores within the area. This same technology could be used by all businesses to produce special offers and location based services,

As the price of texting (SMS) becomes cheaper and cheaper, one simple online system would be to get your customers to enter their mobile phone so that your business could automatically send special offers, or perhaps if you are a service based business, your business could automatically send reminders to your customers of up and coming events or service renewals; the breadth of the services that could be used is almost limitless.

Micro Update create mobile applications. All our mid range websites come with a FREE mobile application as standard giving customers contact information, your business location, and perhaps a list of your products. Your main website will automatically detect if your potential customer is browsing your website and divert to the mobile phone application; this is optional, but very useful as most websites are not optimised for mobile phones and as such the user experience when browsing your online presence is not good.

With 20 years of experience of web technologies, Micro Update will ensure that your business will be available to your customers - whatever their browser or device used to browse your website. Micro Update can take this further and provide you with a full mobile application that gives your customers far more information at their fingertips, anytime of the day.

Contact us to disuss your mobile application requirements and see how you could be utilising mobile phone technology to move your business forwards


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