Ad Management and Monitoring

Advertising Management

As part of any businesses web strategy will be the advertising management campaigns. These generally fall into either paid or unpaid advertising, with the most popular medium being Google AdWords. In order to ensure you keep your costs low and your click through call to action high you will need to have a good keyword and advertising strategy. Google charges for everytime someone clicks on your paid-for advert on their or another website that displays your advert. You will certainly increase the clicks to your website - but at a cost.


The secret to adword campaigns is to pick and choose very carefully the expressions and keywords used to trigger your advert to be shown by Google and ther other major search engines. If you pick a term that is too common or perhaps too much of a niche you will limit your adverts exposure and potentially cost a lot of money. You will want to ensure that the clicks that go through to your website are genuinely interested in what you have to offer with products and services - anything else will merely cost you money.

Micro Update has expert experience of using tools and techniques to ensure that your advertising campaign is successful with minimal costs to your business. Your leads will be effective and with a high probability of completing your call to action from your website. We will help you to:

  • Define your key goals and create an effective adword campaign
  • Create great advertising for your ad campaigns so that you create an effective "call to action" on your website
  • Test your website by using click and conversion traking plus create effective reports on your AdWords account
  • Optimise your website to ensure a high rate of conversion with alternate landing pages for analysis
  • Ensure that you use the correct combination of images, text, headlines and colour to help the conversion process
  • Create A/B tests to research the best advertising mechanism (different adverts sent to audience to measure effectiveness)

AdWord campaigns can be an effective way of getting an instant result and when combined with a conventional marketing campaign (leaflets, newsletters, etc.) will show a good return with measurable increases in clicks. Clicks can equal orders if the campaign is run properly - speak to us to help make your next advertising campaign a complete success.


AdWord Monitoring

As with all campaigns and web related marketing activity - it should be carefully monitored. Micro Update will create a set of metrics and targets for your AdWord campaign, we will then monitor your campaigns and report on activity. This will ensure that as the campaign is successful and you achieve your ROI. The services we will provide once the AdWord campaign is running include:

  • Keyword analysis - what keywords and phrases are returning the best results. This will include the various "keyword tools" to ensure that you are using the correct keywords and refining your keywords as the campaign continues - this will involve modifying your keywords according to responses and traffic responses
  • Creating Ad Groups for each campaign - used in conjunction with the keyword tools enables you to improve the overall perfomance and monitoring of your campaigns
  • Identify the negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that appear in the search engines that you do NOT want your advert to appear in.
  • Utilising the Placement refinement tools to ensure that your adverts are placed in the best possible positions
  • Budgeting - ensuring that you are making the most of your advertising budget by looking at what you should be bidding for your adverts and setting daily and campaign budgets effectively to get the best ROI
  • Using the Ad Creation Tools to produce optimised advertising for your products and services

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