Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very reliable way of driving traffic to your website if done effectively. We all are bombarded with email newsletters everyday - many of which can be categorised as pure 'spam'. However, if your business creates content rich newsletters that are genuinely useful and informative for your customers you will drive traffic back to your website - especially from those customers who may not of visited your website recently.

All our newsletter campaigns use software that will enable you to monitor all links within the email - even down to the customer that clicked on the link. This is ideal for campaign monitoring as you will be able to monitor which articles and newsletters give you the best return. Google Analytics now has the ability for you to run A/B campaigns allowing you to send out two email newsletters to different customers to monitor which wording and content works more effectively. This is part of your eMarketing mix and will drive quality traffic to your website - especially if linked to a 'call to action' on your website.

You can start web based marketing with FREE Email Marketing Software

The software we provide gives you the ability to create your own electronic newsletters that are optimised for all email clients - Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, etc. We will help you make sure that your newsletters have the correct content and are worded correctly in order to get a maximum response, and monitored to see what parts of the newsletters were more popular.