Social Networking for Business

Micro Update creates and maintains social network strategies for businesses using tested tools and techniques that will ensure their reputation and presence within social networking. Using tried and tested techniques Micro Update will enable businesses to add another segment to their business and ensure their voice is heard above the competition.

What are Social Networks?

What are Social Networks?

Social Networking is the process and techniques used to create and maintain professional and personal relationships within your industry. Several commercial social networking groups exist for the purpose of bringing together like minded people and businesses to collaborate and share relevant information.

Questions to ask yourself about your business

Typical questions you may be asking yourselves about Social Networking

  1. What does social networking give us that other traditional marketing methods do not?
  2. How can we manage negative feedback that may affect our reputation in the marketplace?
  3. How can maximize the return on positive feedback from our customers?
  4. What is the resource required to create a social networking campaign that can be sustained over time in order to build on positive reputation?
  5. Do we have the internal staff to mount a social networking brand awareness campaign or do we need to oursource this activity in the initial period?
If you have asked yourself any of those questions you need to speak to us about setting up an effective social networking strategy that will move your business forward. Your business can benefit from Social Networking but it needs a proper strategy to show a return on investment.

Social Networking Strategy

Social Networking Strategy

There are several steps involved with creating your business social networking strategy:

  1. What are the goals / objectives of your business
    Find an evangelist within the business
    Evaluate and consider the hardware / software requirements
  2. What are the processes currently used within your business
  3. What are the social media / networking projects within your business
  4. We then create the "Social Networking Strategy"
  5. Assess your current position within Social Media and Networking
  6. Monitor and measure your new strategy against the original objectives
Goals are prioritised with you so that you can see actual returns on investment within this technology. By making clear goals with a time schedule and measurable outcome you can be sure that you have realised your initial goals within the strategy. These goals can be monitored to ensure continued success as the strategy evolves.

Benefits of a Social Networking Strategy

What are the benefits of an effective social networking strategy?

The main benefits of a social networking strategy are:
  1. Improve your visibility within your community (locally or globally or both)
  2. Engage with your community with immediate and positive feedback
  3. Offer potential customers special offers and relevant information for your industry
  4. Help improve communications with existing customers
  5. Increase your customer base by having potential customers "listening" to your social networking activities
  6. Contribute to the community as a whole
  7. Improve your brand image within your market
  8. Increase awareness of your products and services
  9. Be more responsive to your customers or potential customers
  10. Be aware of what your competition is doing in your market place

Social Media / Networking initiatives

A list of typical projects that could be defined for social networking include:

  1. Create and maintain a business Facebook page for the purpose of marketing, promotions and product awareness within the market
    This includes a FanGate - leaders for people to 'fan' you and get other relative content.
  2. Create weekly web online conferences showing your products and services to new and existing customers
  3. Create a blog for various areas within your business - perhaps creating several blogs depending on the size of your business
  4. Create an online system to allow your customers and potential customers to feedback comments about your products and services
  5. Create an online forum to allow your customers and potential customers to contribute discussion on areas within your business or industry
  6. Monitor your competitors and track what they are doing within your industry, get statistics of their popularity and look towards improving your strategy in line with what's happening in the industry with blogs, rss feeds, social networkingm, etc.
  7. Create a wiki that can be contributed to by your customers and staff that has information about best practices and hints and tips for your industry
  8. Create a business twitter account to distribute special offers and campaigns and allow your customers to feedback
  9. Create a testimonials section of our website to help promote your business and effectiveness within your industry
  10. Create a system to monitor your social reputation in the market, creating metrics to ensure that you are getting an effective ROI with social media