How to beat your Competitors with a Web Competitor Analysis


Before any effective Ad campaign or website design or re-design you should analyse your market and your competitors. This is obvious in the business world and is even more important when it comes to your online presence. Micro Update will complete a competitor analysis COMPLETELY FREE as part of our web creation process.

By having an evaluation of your competitors you will be able to create a more effective advertising campaign that is properly targeted. Your competitors will give you the benchmark of where you need to start. A fundamental part of this is “link analysis”. The link analysis will look at your competitors and see who is linking to them and who they link to. This gives a very good insight into their effectiveness and popularity on the web. Google ranks very highly the links to your competitor websites – especially if Google thinks that the website linking to your competitor is a good site. This is where you need to be – good “backlinks” gives you good rankings and forms part of our ranking strategy to guarentee that you are visible on the first page of Google.

Key factors of a competitive analysis

  • DOMAIN AGE – The number of years the domain name has been active can have a result on your ranking within the search engines – the longer the better. We will also measure the age of your competitors websites for comparison.
  • SEARCH TRAFFIC – How much traffic is directed to your competitors.
  • SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY – Where do you competitors rank on the top search engines.
  • BACKLINK QUALITY AND QUANTITY – How many other highly ranked websites link back to your website or to specific content on your website.
  • BACKLINK ANCHOR TEXT – The text that is used as part of the link back to your website is important for ranking and indexing on the search engines.
  • META TAGS – For completeness all pages should have page descriptions and title tags and are still used within the search engines and to display the correct information in the search results.
  • BLOGGING AND FORUM ACTIVITY – If you are running a blog or forum make sure that it is updated frequently with relevant content to your website.
  • PAID FOR AD CAMPAIGNS – We will analyse your competitors paid for advertising campaigns and monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Free Competitor Analysis ReportOur FREE Competitor analysis includes the following:

  • KEYWORD ANALYSIS – what are your customers searching for that relates to your business and services/products? These keywords will be refined to look at your competitors and where they rank in relation to your business.
  • GOOGLE ADWORDS – what are your competitors using as specific keywords and phrases for their advertising campaigns. We also measure how successful they are with those keywords and which keywords you should be using within your content and campaigns.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – we will measure your competitors voice on social networks. How are they being talked about? Are there any negative or positive discussions about their products and services? How will these affect your business?
  • WEBSITE ANALYSIS OF YOUR TOP 5 COMPETITORS. This will give you a detailed breakdown of your closest competitors and why they rank well within the search engines. We also provide a breakdown of their social networking status and activities. We look at their inbound links and which sites link to the sites – the quality of these links and websites helps their ranking within the search engines.
  • We will setup Google and Yahoo Alerts on keywords and phrases to monitor your competitors and their keyword activity

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